Monday, August 15, 2011

Where's my milo?

Its Monday and I went to a restaurant with my cousin. I ordered Milo peng from a makcik but she gave me  nescafe peng instead. Due to my kindness (tak nak menyusahkan mak cik tu) , I drank the nescafe during my meal and ended up feeling unwell for several hours. This is because I can't drink coffee or nescafe. Yeap, I only consume coco, milk, and tea. I have no idea how  people can enjoy their caffeine based drink easily without any side effects. Want coffee? No thanks, I'll pass.


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Anonymous said...

Charell here.. ;) i posted the comment..haha!! Cian nyer syg ku.. =p

Roystance said...

laaarrrr =) morning!!!! lewat na tdo

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