Tuesday, August 2, 2011

How I rate Batman Begins

 Helo batsy. I love u and I adore u and thanks Christopher Nolan for creating a beautiful, logic and worth to watch batman.  Lets start with batman begins. This is at last the Batman movie I've been waiting for. The character resonates more deeply with me than the other comic superheroes, perhaps because when I discovered him as a lil kid, he seemed real and more grown-up than the cheerful red underwear Superman. I admire, among other things, the way the movie doesn't have the gloss of the earlier films. There are no more illogical gadgets. Now we knew that all of batman gadgets are prepared by Lucious and that includes the repairing. In the previous Batman movie, michael keaton seems to have all kind of weird technology but yet somehow the origin is unknown, ergo maybe doraemon went to gotham city and give keaton's some of the crime fighting gadgets.BUT NOT FOR BATMAN BEGINS, Nolan obviously did a good research to make sure that the batman begins aligns with our reality.  Oh my god, what a good movie this this. Anyway one thing for sure, I think Bruce  should keep at least a packet of strepsil inside his utility belt for emergency.Uncle wayne, I give u 9.5/10 and a thumbs up.


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