Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Kilo's and heroes

Yeap, I'm a thin young boy living in this world , and looking at others as giant due to my lack of height, and then I found my interest in weight training. Unlike others that inspired by famous bodybuilder such as Ronnie Coleman and Jay cutler, I am inspired by fictions character. Therefore, if you ask me about any pro body builder, I can only answer ' I don't know bro'. In fact, I only knew the two name mentioned earlier from my randomly eavesdropping process inside the gym (thanks Jeff,lol! ) Okay, one thing for sure, after motivated by my favorite fiction characters, I started to endure some wight training with my cousins and friends. During my campus life, I release my stress by doing that and eventually, it works ,besides that, we all knew about body building positive outcome. Its worth it. The people below gave me inspiration, and tq guys

yes, THOR , god of thunder
Mr Bruce Wayne


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