Wednesday, July 20, 2011

How I rate Arsene Wenger

Genius, bengong, lokek, degil, ya itulah arsene wenger.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Anyeong Bulgogi =p

Try once and you'll love it, try twice, its ok, than try for several times, its normal, than try it often, yeah its enough, lets change to something else. but hell yeah, love the Kimchi forever.hahahahaha

During his glorious time, he is the one that defenders afraid. He has the vision to slid through the defense line unnoticed and score through any keepers. Sadly, his  injuries and weight become a challenge and I guess its just not his luck anymore. Ronaldo, I give you 8.5/ 10.

A good passer, has fantastic visions to open up path for strikers, has good technique, quite slow, but he is very important because he can provide baits, and build highways for striker. I give him 8/ 10. Fabregas, you earn that 8 pal.

He is slow but yet untouchable for his opponent because he has the skill and the roulette will save him from any challenge. During his era, players didn't care about having such amazing speed and they focus on their technique to manipulate situations besides by creating chances for their team. He is a legend and his name is Zidane. I give him 9.5 out of 10.

He never dives, never provoke his opponent, celebrate his goal silently and humbly, has great pace, a fantastic dribbler, fantastic skill, and clean characteristic. The name is Lionel Messi, an Argentinian that will creates havoc for his opponent especially for the defense line. I will even agree if people reward him with the gelaran DATUK.I give him 9 out of 10.

Yes, he is arrogant, sellfish, a good dribbler, a good kick taker, a fantastic diver, mind blowing pace, a big headed superstar player, and that made him one of the best footballer in this modern age. Wearing the number 7, and currently playing for Real Madrid, and yes, he is Cristiano Ronaldo. I have no doubt that he is a superb player and yeah,suck to be true, he is a promising and a great player for any club to have. I give him 9/10.

Monday, July 18, 2011

yes, itu aku

A beautiful, peace atmosphere and the music of nature surrounds you and this is why I'm proud with my origin. A Kuchingite, Sarawakian, and yes aku ada kampung yg tenang lagi cantik.

We knew that there are a lot of generic brands outside, but when you found one, it sure made you laugh .thumbs up for the name buddy.

Going through all kind of banners and adverts by the road side sometimes entertain riders but somehow there are some adverts that successfully provoke my sarcasm because tak ngam langsung lah braderr.oh kuching sentral, alahai. lol

Cool breeze and the cold wet slippery road creates a great imagination of the Victorian era with me riding the coach to 25th Baker streets. And I rode slowly along the road until my imagination destroyed abruptly by an injured Autobots.