Saturday, January 8, 2011

Burrda, the Swiss-owned sportswear brand

Burrda is gearing up for a major push into the UK lifestyle clothes market.The three-year-old company, which manufactures the kit for Premier League football club Wolverhampton Wanderers, will position itself as a 'wannabe Nike' by rolling out a range of garments, according to a well-placed source. In Europe and the Middle East, where it is based, Burrda has established itself to a greater extent, and provides the kits for the Qatar, Kuwait and Belgium national football teams.

They want to become a leading sports brand and challenge established players by creating new and exciting performance sportswear using the highest quality materials adapted for the local environment.Burrda is not the first sports brand to use a Premier League kit deal to help raise awareness among UK consumers. Italian sportswear company Kappa has attempted to relaunch itself in this market through securing shirt deals with football clubs including Fulham and Portsmouth.

Meanwhile, Birmingham City, now owned by Hong Kong businessman Carson Yeung, has replaced its previous kit supplier, Umbro, with a Chinese sportswear manufacturer, Xtep. This makes it the first British football club to have its strip produced by a Chinese manufacturer. So, when can we see our favorite EPL team clad in our local brand, for example Line 7 and Conelli?? =)

Premiership kits
For the time being, these clubs are using:

- Arsenal - Nike
- Aston Villa - Nike
- Birmingham City - Xtep
- Blackburn Rovers - Umbro
- Blackpool - Carbini
- Bolton Wanderers - Reebok
- Chelsea - Adidas
- Everton - Le Coq Sportif
- Fulham - Kappa
- Liverpool - Adidas
- Manchester City - Umbro
- Manchester United - Nike
- Newcastle United - Puma
- Stoke City - Adidas
- Sunderland - Umbro
- Tottenham Hotspur - Puma
- West Brom - Umbro
- West Ham - Macron
- Wigan Athletic - Mi-fit
- Wolves - Burrda


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