Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Bidayuh, a 'part' of Sarawak

Hello, I am Roystance and I come from Kuching Sarawak. I am a bidayuh and for those who never heard of the term Bidayuh before, we call it land Dayak in English. For Iban, they are known as sea Dayak. So, you can see the difference here. The term Land Dayaks was first used during the period of Rajah James Brooke, the White Rajah of Sarawak. Most of the Bidayuh villages can be found in the rural areas of Lundu, Bau, Padawan, Penrissen and Serian district. If you analyze the geography, the area in which Bidayuh live is mainly in the basin of the Sarawak River and hilly to mountainous forest, traditionally worked by rotational agriculture and hunting based in the nearest forest. There are generally said to be three main linguistic groupings (Biatah; Bau-Jagoi; Bukar-Sadong) but these can be broken down even beyond the list referenced below as most people can be distinguished by locals down to village level through smaller differences in vocabulary and intonation.

1) Lundu speak Jagoi, Salako &Lara

2) Bratak, Singai, Krokong and Jagoi speak Singai-Jagoi

3) Penrissen speak Bisitang(my language)

4) Siburan speak Biatah

5) Bidayuhs around Serian such as Tebekang, Mongkos, Tebedu to Tanjung Amo near the border of Kalimantan Indonesia speak Bukar-Sadong.

6) Bidayuhs in Padawan speak several but related dialects like Bi-anah, Pinyawa, Braang, Bia', Bisepug & Emperoh/Bipuruh.

According to history books and research from the World Wide Web, long before the arrival of the white Rajah, Bidayuhs are animist. The arrival of white rajah along with Christian missionaries who brings education and modern medicine changed the life of most Bidayuhs because many of them converted to Christians after the arrival of the white rajah. Some even became Muslims and the left over remains as animist.
Lastly, I am really proud to be a Bidayuh and as you all know, Bidayuh is a part of Sarawak community. Together with other races, we strive to make Sarawak a better place and just like our tourism slogan, Sarawak, a place like no other.

Music…according to the dictionary, music is an arrangement of sounds in patterns to be sung or played on instruments. To make it simple, we can conclude that sound+ tune =Music. Okay, let’s cut the educational crap. My main point for doing this article is to share my opinion about music. I’ve been living in this world for 21 years and due to the experience I had, I noticed that music is more than just a sound and tune or rhythm. I want to reveal to you guys that music also create bond between different individuals which will leads to sharing of interest and emotional, or in other words, music could unite human to be friends with each other.
To back up my point, I would like to share you with my past experience. When I was in Form 5, I stayed in the dormitory together with other students. 2 doors away from my room is a junior room and it is occupied by several form 4 students. I forgot the exact total of the roomies but I’m sure that in the room, two students just arrived from another school and it means they are about to experience living and studying in a new school.
Eventually, the two boys got along and adapted with their new surrounding without any problems. By the way, to make things easy, let’s give the two boys a name. We will call the first boy as James Lian and the second boy is called Mike Darn. Sometimes I would go to their room in search of noodles. Due to this habit, I grew fond with the group of juniors and also with James and Mike. Knowing this group really benefits me because when ever I felt stressed; I will come to their room and sometimes chat with them and somehow my stress reduced drastically. I don’t know how the heck James and Mike could be close with their roommates but for sure, I knew that James, Mike and several of their roommates had several similarities in term of music taste.
I often saw James, Mike, and Yugene( one of the roommates) chat about music and this activity indirectly break their invisible barrier with each other. I watch their friendship progress silently and for sure I appreciate the magical touch of music. For the boys, I wish that they will be friends forever. Years went by and now I heard that all of them are in the universities continuing their studies. Without music, james Lian, Mike Darn, Yugene will not be as close as now. Cheers to them. In conclusion, without music, our life will totally be screwed up and for sure true friends like Mike, James, and Yugene will not exist.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Friend or foe?

What do you know about friends? Do you have friends? If you do, are they your true friends or they only share your best moment and will be missing when you’re in trouble? Ask yourself these several question and analyze your situation. I came up with this issue because I noticed that some of individuals out there are facing this kind of problem, which is living with their life without the existence of true friends. But for fuck sake, they didn’t even notice their fucked up life. Now, let me give you some situation, and I want you to choose the one that you prefer. First, you have a friend that always on your side, during class and after class he/she will be there with you. However, you noticed that this friend of yours have the attitude of turning back on you whenever he/she finds someone new to be with. However, he/she will return to you after they felt bored with the so-called new friends. Besides that, whenever others gave you a compliment regarding yourself, you noticed that your friend will be jealous and suddenly her attitude turned cold. The next day, they will show up with something which obviously show that they wants to be better than what you have. Do you consider the guy/girl as a friend? Now, we move on with the second situation. You got another friend, but she/he is not in the same class with you. Despite being in a different class, this friend showed true quality as a friend. For example, every time you guys met, he/she will greet you even if you didn’t see her. Besides that, this friend of yours never wants to compete with you in term of getting attraction from others. This situation will create a pleasant environment every time you guys hang out. So now, between the two person which one will you consider as a true friend? Actually, there are many other situations that exist but if you could come out with a good answer from these two situations; it means you know what the meaning of true friend is. So guys, go out there and find your true friends, and don’t forget to be one. Be smart and avoid from being used by the ‘so-called best friend’. Remember, best friend will not manipulate others for their own good. If you are having the same situation, solve it quickly before it gets worse.

Whoaa!!! What a tremendous results from the match between Chelsea and Manchester United a.k.a the red devils. It seems that the red devil was tamed by the blue crusader like what all anti Man.utd was hoping. So guys, you got what you want, celebrate it and go kill yourself. This battle ain over yet. This is soccer, and anything can happen either tomorrow or today. Shit does happen in the world of Football. When I refer to shit, it really means shit and it sucks. So, did you guys watch the match?? The match was full of action as if you’re watching one of John Wu’s movies. I’m not joking. For example, you can see how Anderson pushes the head of Chelsea’s player and how Michael Ballack non stop pushing every Man.Utd players that he approached. And it was the time where the entire squad showed their true attitude (big headed retarded superstar players). However, the jewel of the game is truly the one and only Gabriel Obertan. Although he only played for 10 minutes, he gave a spectacular dribbling to beat Chelsea’s player!! From his superb show, I want to say that Man.Utd does not need Christiano Ronaldo!! This CR7 shit is OVER. Its time for Gabriel the humble French teenager to beat the arrogant so-called most expensive player. Gabriel maybe worth only a dollar to Man.UTd if to compare with CR’s value, but for sure, that dollar is one good future investment. As for me, I’m still hoping my favorite squad to show their competitors their true fresh talent. The ball is fucking round and for sure, I want Arsenal to control the damn round object. Go Gunners!!!

Friday, November 6, 2009

students vs examination

Examination, one thing that could make the cold sweats of all students to drips out and eventually, life will be easier without the existence of exam. For your information, to be honest, on behalf of all teenagers, I dare to say that there are 68.7% of teenager dislikes having an exam. You know why? It is because examination will affect their leisure time and life’s a bitch if u didn’t enjoy the world with your remaining moment. However, without exam, you can’t identify your level of smartness and it is the time to compete with your friends and see who are the best in terms of academic and so on. Besides that, examination will ends with a results and the results will affect your future. So, if you want to have a better life in the future, put more effort in your action because it all depends on yourself to achieve what you want. I still remember my old teacher saying about 99% efforts and 1% luck. I agreed to that statement because in reality, life is way fucked up than you thing and stop living in fantasy. Remember that, no pain, no gain. So guys, lets roll out and take on the world. For students around the globe, Good luck in your coming exam.