Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Friend or foe?

What do you know about friends? Do you have friends? If you do, are they your true friends or they only share your best moment and will be missing when you’re in trouble? Ask yourself these several question and analyze your situation. I came up with this issue because I noticed that some of individuals out there are facing this kind of problem, which is living with their life without the existence of true friends. But for fuck sake, they didn’t even notice their fucked up life. Now, let me give you some situation, and I want you to choose the one that you prefer. First, you have a friend that always on your side, during class and after class he/she will be there with you. However, you noticed that this friend of yours have the attitude of turning back on you whenever he/she finds someone new to be with. However, he/she will return to you after they felt bored with the so-called new friends. Besides that, whenever others gave you a compliment regarding yourself, you noticed that your friend will be jealous and suddenly her attitude turned cold. The next day, they will show up with something which obviously show that they wants to be better than what you have. Do you consider the guy/girl as a friend? Now, we move on with the second situation. You got another friend, but she/he is not in the same class with you. Despite being in a different class, this friend showed true quality as a friend. For example, every time you guys met, he/she will greet you even if you didn’t see her. Besides that, this friend of yours never wants to compete with you in term of getting attraction from others. This situation will create a pleasant environment every time you guys hang out. So now, between the two person which one will you consider as a true friend? Actually, there are many other situations that exist but if you could come out with a good answer from these two situations; it means you know what the meaning of true friend is. So guys, go out there and find your true friends, and don’t forget to be one. Be smart and avoid from being used by the ‘so-called best friend’. Remember, best friend will not manipulate others for their own good. If you are having the same situation, solve it quickly before it gets worse.


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