Whoaa!!! What a tremendous results from the match between Chelsea and Manchester United a.k.a the red devils. It seems that the red devil was tamed by the blue crusader like what all anti Man.utd was hoping. So guys, you got what you want, celebrate it and go kill yourself. This battle ain over yet. This is soccer, and anything can happen either tomorrow or today. Shit does happen in the world of Football. When I refer to shit, it really means shit and it sucks. So, did you guys watch the match?? The match was full of action as if you’re watching one of John Wu’s movies. I’m not joking. For example, you can see how Anderson pushes the head of Chelsea’s player and how Michael Ballack non stop pushing every Man.Utd players that he approached. And it was the time where the entire squad showed their true attitude (big headed retarded superstar players). However, the jewel of the game is truly the one and only Gabriel Obertan. Although he only played for 10 minutes, he gave a spectacular dribbling to beat Chelsea’s player!! From his superb show, I want to say that Man.Utd does not need Christiano Ronaldo!! This CR7 shit is OVER. Its time for Gabriel the humble French teenager to beat the arrogant so-called most expensive player. Gabriel maybe worth only a dollar to Man.UTd if to compare with CR’s value, but for sure, that dollar is one good future investment. As for me, I’m still hoping my favorite squad to show their competitors their true fresh talent. The ball is fucking round and for sure, I want Arsenal to control the damn round object. Go Gunners!!!


BoY said...

HEHE....glory manutd...gabriel obertan will be the asset for manutd later on..
btw,,we dunno wats goin on later on...its really unexpectable as long we have team like real madrid,man city, and chelsea as well...all the manu asset taken by this damn team...wtf

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