Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Les Blues Dilemma

Rebuilding Les Bleus? That’s a good idea to change the previous squad that failed miserably during the South Africa world cup 2010. During the world cup, there are many controversy that occurred and one of it is the players didn’t turn-up to their post match practice because they had issue towards their coach, Raymond Domenech.
Now they got a new coach, Laurent Blanc to take over the reign from Raymond. For the country, it is a crucial time because they are humiliated by their football squad so Blanc got a very big responsibility to handle. What we could do is wait for the result but I would like to share my own idea about the French team. Now, maybe they got Blanc to handle the management issue but to me, they still need someone to be an outstanding figure in the field during the tournament, someone like Zidane, a legend, calm but dangerous to the opponent, and could drive the squad spirits.
Through my own view, the French team could play but they are too easy to provoke in terms of emotion and fighting spirits. That’s where a figure like Zidane could be use to calm things down. For example, during the world cup 2002, he led the French squad to the final by using his uniqueness. All of the important matches are won by them and he played a big role in it. The others player followed his attitude of playing and they strive to success, even defeating Brazil 1-0.
Therefore, the role of this person in the middle of the field is very important and I surely hope in the future Blanc will found the right person for the job. I know that there’s no one that could replace the legendary Zidane but we need someone that could neutralize any problem during the play by using his ability to lead the strike and defend.


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