Thursday, August 26, 2010

Roystance's 'Hong' menu

Hello guys! Lets talk about food again.This time, I'll bring you along to a cafe named Dragon cafe located in Kuching Sarawak. Its not far from the Batu Kawa's old town.Actually, it was in the late evening when suddenly my mom told us that she was too lazy to cook, and therefore she recommended that we go out and eat. So, off we go to search for a place to dine. That's the time when my dad suggested the so called 'Dragon cafe', and I am deeply interested with name so we all agreed with our destination. When we arrived there, we found out that it was packed with people that just came back from work. Okay, we arrived, and as usual, we called the waiter for the menu. After viewing the menu, we ordered seaweed soup, crispy chicken, Ginger wild boar and  white rice.
  The service was slow, maybe due to a lot of customer. To be honest, I dislike slow service and it really pisses me of. after FIFTEEN MINUTES, our food arrive.

Hmmm, I can only said that the taste is okay ,just average and not impressive enough. However, I love the gravy texture.

 Owh, btw, not to mention that their soup could cause you to get high blood due to overdose of salt!! hahaha.Well, their cook need more experience about that.hehehehe

I 'tapao' the soup and the next day I just warm it up and add more water to balance the taste. I'm a

Ahhh, and we also got the crispy chicken. Among all the dishes , I will vote the crispy chicken as a finalist =p It is because it was prepared better than the others.As soon you bite the chicken chunk, you can hear the sound of its crispiness fills the air. I love it!!

My favorite
Well guys, if you're planning on eating somewhere new and you like to experience new things, I think its fair enough if you give Dragon Cafe a chance. Its located near Moyan. Just drive pass the Batu Kawa old township and you could see it on your left side of the road.


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