Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Gallas, we dont need you

Get lost you bloody bastard

I found a very interesting comment regarding Gallas , and here it is:

Former Arsenal manager George Graham admits he is surprised that his old club didn't try harder to keep William Gallas.

The defender recently made the move from the Gunners to arch rivals Tottenham on a free transfer, after failing to agree a new deal at the Emirates.

Gallas, 33, is desperate to be playing first-team football, something he may not have been guaranteed under Arsène Wenger, but Graham believes age is not going to be an issue for the French centre-back.

He said: "Arsenal in the past won trophies with a back four of 34, 35, 36 – the likes of Lee Dixon, Nigel Winterburn, Steve Bould and Tony Adams. They were winning trophies in their mid-30s, so I can only see this as a very good signing for Tottenham.

"He loves defending, he is very aggressive and I think he is just what Tottenham need, because they have got problems at the back with the injury situation to both Ledley King and Jonathan Woodgate.

"They are getting someone for nothing who arguably could be playing every week in the team. I am surprised Arsenal let him go so easily."

The former Gunners boss, who also managed Spurs, believes Harry Redknapp could be the right manager for Gallas in the latter stages of his career.

He added: "Harry has got a gift of getting players who other clubs think are finished and getting another two seasons out of them.

"If he has a good season and Tottenham again finish in the top four or have a great Cup run or a Champions League run he'll be welcome."

And I found a reply for the comment which really made sense and I agreed 100% with it. :

the thing graham is missing here is that ,adams keown, dixon and winterburn,not to mention o'leary and bould, is this.... they loved arsenal as well as playing football for us.
gallas is a good defender but up sets players at every club he plays for.
i not saying this don't happen at every club ,but when you see ur captain sulking and not bothering when things go wrong ,then blaming others around him its not good.
adams would roll up his sleeves and shout at and fight players on his side to get arsenal back on caurse,(ask dixon)but he had the players backing, including dixon, adams would walk through walls for arsenal and theplayers respected that.
thats what gallas doen't have, gallas plays for gallas and only gallas.
yes he could of stayed at arsenal, but he wanted to much money, even the great bergkemp took a wage cut because again he believed and loved arsenal.
gallas went looking all round europe and no one wanted his disruptive behavier,or want to pay his wage demands.
spurs do have a good player yes, but will he be the one they looking to when things go wrong,will he be rolling up his sleeves and encouraging the players around him to fight? i doubt it,I DO WISH GALLAS LUCK, i'm not a spud? so i won't be calling him judas when he plays against us, but clap him thank him for his years at arsenal, but he won't be missed !! 

So, there go. I agreed on the reply because in reality, Gallas got a very bad discipline issue and it is not a loss to kick him out of the club. Get lost Gallas, Arsenal don't need you.


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