Sunday, February 13, 2011

Stir It

stir it
We make changes and create connection with people, interact with them includes leaving them in a better condition than the time we found them.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Control Your Fear

Bring It On
 So now, to think like a marketer, you need to be optimistic, build your confidence, and treat business as a game to enable your journey to become smoother with your job. The next thing is that marketer must always control the fear factor that holds their dream to come true. The reason for saying this is because the problem with becoming different than others is actually FEAR. Being different is a rare situation because people are afraid and wants to play safe instead of trying or create a new product.

Playing it safe, and following rules, those seem like the best ways to avoid failure. For example, during your high school, you are bind by the ground rules for examples don’t bring your cell phone to the class, no any illegal business transaction on the school ground and many more. For those who want to be clear and free of any charges from prefects, they will abide the rule. However, I believe that they are minority group of student that decides to break the rule and they somehow sell stuff like cd’s, and cigarettes and from my own opinion, they are the one that receive more income than the other students. This is based on my own experience when I am still in form 5 and I lived in the school dorm. I watched every activity that being done by other friends.

Marketer could use this kind of attitude in their work life because it is not enough if you just build your confidence but you still possessed the fear deep inside. The fear will become an invisible bind that held you from seeing your successive ends. Although fear will make sure you are out of trouble, but you will not experience the impossible to happen.

Have you ever heard of Cristiano Ronaldo? I doubt that you guys apparently never heard of him. He is a Portuguese footballer who plays as a winger for Spanish La Liga club Real Madrid, serves as captain of the Portuguese national team, and well known for his ability to cut in defenders and score from an impossible length. Aside from that, he is also popular for his arrogance in his life for example, he used to boast about his skills and compare himself with other footballer stars. He once said ‘maybe they hate me because I’m too good!’ . Maybe it’s weird to use such bad example of behavior, but if we look into it positively, we can say that Cristiano Ronaldo is a very confident man and due to his level of confidence, he could perform well in his field of work.

To be a great marketer, confidence plays a very crucial role in building your image among the customers or societies. Confidence is the belief in oneself and one's powers or abilities; self-confidence; self-reliance; and assurance for positive outcomes. In business life, confidence is your rocket fuel. Confident people have a great charisma that generates a good outcome and effects. When you possess total confidence you are willing to take risks. When you have it, you propel yourself and your team forward into the future.

Common thing that occur often with confidence is that people always assume it lands on them due to favorable conditions for example; good times make for confident people meanwhile bad times crush them, along with their daring point of view. Sometimes, I myself face this kind of problem but I have created a method to overcome this problem. Every time I starts to lose my confidence, I will start to ask myself this type of question, ‘if he can do it, then why not me?’ I have been using this method since my primary school because it is one of the ways I can use to boost my confidence to achieve something.

Besides that, stop read negative information, and listening to negative people. Replace that information with studies about the future or improved information which relates to your job. Another improvised action is to be grateful on yourself and remember, if you are not chosen to live till this day, than why are you standing on the ground and still having the best of life? In order to have a better life in the future, it is common to face through all kind of hardship and it will be smoother to deal it with a strong physical and emotion condition. The emotion will of course can be strengthen if you are ready with your own confidence. A marketer will never accomplish his or her duty if they are lack of their confidence. So, guys look into the mirror and see the person inside and remind him that he is still in the game of life and never give up for the better result.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Marketing is an art

art can’t happen without someone who seeks to make a difference

Marketers will also treat their profession as a living art. Art is hard. Selling is hard. Writing is hard. Making a difference is hard. This is because; art can’t happen without someone who seeks to make a difference and from that perspective, the marketer is the one that tries to make a difference. Their role is exactly like the painter and the outcome of the sketch is depending on how they done their job. To be a good marketer you need to equip yourself with fresh ideas from time to time. Even if you can’t think of any new ideas for that very time, you can think about it from time to time. Take your time and let the ideas come to you without haste.
 This situation goes the same to artist because they need new ideas to draw or create their masterpiece.  Therefore, as a marketer, believe in your ability to generate ideas and never say ‘I don’t have any good ideas’. Everyone has good ideas and maybe not as fast or as often as others, but are you telling others that in your entire life, you've never had one good idea? If you tell the people around you about your empty idea jar, their trust and respect for you will decrease and it is better to avoid that from happening in your work place.

Friday, February 4, 2011

marketers, checkmate!!

Have you ever tried any games before for example, poker, chess and monopoly?  I am sure you are wondering why I asked this question. Marketers are those that move things around by their action or plans. If you want to stir things up, than you need to make sure that the step you’re taking is leading you to a glorious future or outcome. This is why I make a resemblance of business and games. For example chess, to win the game, you need to learn every detail of the game and the future moves of your rivalry. From that point you can develop your next move step by step and on the same time you are adapting to the way your competitors play. 

     Besides that, another reason why marketers can imagine the life of a business is a game because just like poker, it could affect and requires you to know deep about, strategy, education, and enjoy it! Let’s look into strategy and how it mash between business and board games. To win a battle, you need to have a strategy and you definitely need to analyze the game movement.  If not, you will end up losing and every plan that you created will fail. It goes the same with marketers because every plan like the processes for creating, communicating, delivering that they device must be able to give positive outcome. Besides that, you need to adjust your style of play as the dynamics of the game changes so that you are in the same path with your competitors. For example, when your opponent changes their tactic, you need to read the move first then you adjust and adapt to the game play so that you can counter attack his movement and end his assault.  Other than that in strategy, those with the most focus usually wins the game and stick with your own principles, or in other word, don’t followed unknown instructions blindly. 

     The next similarity is regarding the education or knowledge that you possessed about the game. To become a master in any games, you need to learn and learn and learn. You can even learn from your past mistakes and apply the theories that you obtained from books. However, don’t forget that theory is nice, but nothing replaces actual experiences. Get advices from others who have done it before. For example, if you are new in the job, ask for guidance or tips from the senior workers, and those who are successful with their career.  After you manage to grasp the taste of success, you must maintain the effort because that doesn’t mean you are good and you don’t have more learning to do. You might have just gotten lucky, therefore prove to the people that you are not using your luck to win with your strategy and plans.

     I think most of you should know the meaning of the next word, which sounds like this E. N. J. O.Y. It is a very common word especially for the youngsters. Based on the, enjoy brings the meaning of having a joy in doing something, and to take pleasure from the experience. I believe that to have the best achievement in the things that you do, you need to appreciate it, and love, and enjoy the things that you do. That’s why I enlist enjoyment as one of the crucial aspects to think like a marketer. When a marketer think that business is a game, they need to learn how to play it step by step, create a plan to win it,  and make sure they enjoy it because it will affect their psychologically. When we enjoy the activity/ subject, our mentality will boost our effort and hence contributing to our self to give more than 100% to learn in depth on the subject/ field.  Besides that, on the same time, have fun because the game will be a lot more enjoyable when you’re trying to do more than just make money from it. 

Marketers tell stories, good real stories and not spreading fake or lies

What do you think sell a product these days? Do you think it is the price point? Is it the buyer’s need? Is it the features that will leads to the buying behavior? Maybe yes, but I don’t think that’s the only reason for such transaction occurs. In my opinion, Consumer’s also buy products when they fall for a marketer’s story. A successful marketer must be able to generate stories that consumers want and able to believe. The story should well fit the customer’s world view, or their point of view. If it is align with their view, it will greatly increase their desire to share it with others. Therefore, when a marketer tells a good and remarkable story, the product will sell.

Telling a good story is not about inventing a fake story; it’s about having the customers believe, and staying true to your story. However, this skill is not a one shot thing. Once you start telling it, you have to continue telling it. I have decided criteria’s for a good story and it should consist of:

• It’s true
• Agree with our world view (A person's worldview is his set of beliefs, values, assumptions, and experiences)
• Can be trust

Among the criteria that I included, the story should be true and can be trust because when people tell themselves stories, they build up expectation and the customer will expect the story to be true. So, if you want a long term relationship with your customer, you should look seriously into this aspect.

When a customer starts to buy the story, the story will make them to feel good about the products they desire, and the ideas they buy. Besides that, the story we tell should not result in consumers regretting believing the story because trust once lost would be difficult and would take a long time to regain.