Friday, February 11, 2011

Control Your Fear

Bring It On
 So now, to think like a marketer, you need to be optimistic, build your confidence, and treat business as a game to enable your journey to become smoother with your job. The next thing is that marketer must always control the fear factor that holds their dream to come true. The reason for saying this is because the problem with becoming different than others is actually FEAR. Being different is a rare situation because people are afraid and wants to play safe instead of trying or create a new product.

Playing it safe, and following rules, those seem like the best ways to avoid failure. For example, during your high school, you are bind by the ground rules for examples don’t bring your cell phone to the class, no any illegal business transaction on the school ground and many more. For those who want to be clear and free of any charges from prefects, they will abide the rule. However, I believe that they are minority group of student that decides to break the rule and they somehow sell stuff like cd’s, and cigarettes and from my own opinion, they are the one that receive more income than the other students. This is based on my own experience when I am still in form 5 and I lived in the school dorm. I watched every activity that being done by other friends.

Marketer could use this kind of attitude in their work life because it is not enough if you just build your confidence but you still possessed the fear deep inside. The fear will become an invisible bind that held you from seeing your successive ends. Although fear will make sure you are out of trouble, but you will not experience the impossible to happen.


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