Friday, February 4, 2011

No, Marketers are not liars

Marketers tell stories, good real stories and not spreading fake or lies

What do you think sell a product these days? Do you think it is the price point? Is it the buyer’s need? Is it the features that will leads to the buying behavior? Maybe yes, but I don’t think that’s the only reason for such transaction occurs. In my opinion, Consumer’s also buy products when they fall for a marketer’s story. A successful marketer must be able to generate stories that consumers want and able to believe. The story should well fit the customer’s world view, or their point of view. If it is align with their view, it will greatly increase their desire to share it with others. Therefore, when a marketer tells a good and remarkable story, the product will sell.

Telling a good story is not about inventing a fake story; it’s about having the customers believe, and staying true to your story. However, this skill is not a one shot thing. Once you start telling it, you have to continue telling it. I have decided criteria’s for a good story and it should consist of:

• It’s true
• Agree with our world view (A person's worldview is his set of beliefs, values, assumptions, and experiences)
• Can be trust

Among the criteria that I included, the story should be true and can be trust because when people tell themselves stories, they build up expectation and the customer will expect the story to be true. So, if you want a long term relationship with your customer, you should look seriously into this aspect.

When a customer starts to buy the story, the story will make them to feel good about the products they desire, and the ideas they buy. Besides that, the story we tell should not result in consumers regretting believing the story because trust once lost would be difficult and would take a long time to regain.


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