Monday, January 10, 2011

Gotchaa Facebook peeepsss

Its a lame joke . It is a huge social networking site that had produced Millions upon millions of dollars and there is no reason to shut it down, Anyway it would be sold for tons of money, not just shut down, no reason just to shut down, and unless you heard it from the Facebook administration consider it as a rumor. On the other hand, as Goldman Sachs recently invested $500 million in the company, it's impossible for Facebook to close anytime soon. Without all of this strong reason, you still should know its a hoax. Are you going to close your business if you're making a good profit out of it? That's the question for you. =) Cheerio!

Years go by and the advancement of the local cinema also change from time to time. From a normal screen, they are now using 3D technology to enhance the movie capability and indirectly increase the customer satisfaction. However, after reading the wall street journal about the in-theater dining, I think this is one great idea to be implement in our local cinema especially Kuching. Its obvious because people in Kuching love eating and plus it will be a new experience that all Kuchingite wants to try. Audiences at theaters can order dishes such as salad, sandwiches, or cheeseburgers. In terms of the space issue, maybe we could use the 'in-theater dining' as an example. Seats in these so-called "in-theater dining" cinemas are big and plush. Lobbies are luxurious, with art on the walls and mood lighting. These ideas could be convert into the cinema interior too. The movie-going business has always been one size fits all, but if you give people amenities, they are more than willing to pay for them. So Kuching, When can we have it?? =)

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Burrda, the Swiss-owned sportswear brand

Burrda is gearing up for a major push into the UK lifestyle clothes market.The three-year-old company, which manufactures the kit for Premier League football club Wolverhampton Wanderers, will position itself as a 'wannabe Nike' by rolling out a range of garments, according to a well-placed source. In Europe and the Middle East, where it is based, Burrda has established itself to a greater extent, and provides the kits for the Qatar, Kuwait and Belgium national football teams.

They want to become a leading sports brand and challenge established players by creating new and exciting performance sportswear using the highest quality materials adapted for the local environment.Burrda is not the first sports brand to use a Premier League kit deal to help raise awareness among UK consumers. Italian sportswear company Kappa has attempted to relaunch itself in this market through securing shirt deals with football clubs including Fulham and Portsmouth.

Meanwhile, Birmingham City, now owned by Hong Kong businessman Carson Yeung, has replaced its previous kit supplier, Umbro, with a Chinese sportswear manufacturer, Xtep. This makes it the first British football club to have its strip produced by a Chinese manufacturer. So, when can we see our favorite EPL team clad in our local brand, for example Line 7 and Conelli?? =)

Premiership kits
For the time being, these clubs are using:

- Arsenal - Nike
- Aston Villa - Nike
- Birmingham City - Xtep
- Blackburn Rovers - Umbro
- Blackpool - Carbini
- Bolton Wanderers - Reebok
- Chelsea - Adidas
- Everton - Le Coq Sportif
- Fulham - Kappa
- Liverpool - Adidas
- Manchester City - Umbro
- Manchester United - Nike
- Newcastle United - Puma
- Stoke City - Adidas
- Sunderland - Umbro
- Tottenham Hotspur - Puma
- West Brom - Umbro
- West Ham - Macron
- Wigan Athletic - Mi-fit
- Wolves - Burrda

Friday, January 7, 2011

Motorola challenging ipad

Motorola is now taking on Apple’s iPad with the Xoom tablet. It uses the newest version of Google’s Android operating system, called Honeycomb, which is designed to make it easier to interact with a touch-screen tablet. Well, Lets see whether they can beat ipad although personally, I think its quite!

Hello guys, its been awhile since I last go online and when i browsed through the web, I came across the news about Starbucks changing its logo to a new design. They’d ditch the brown, but they’re down to 1 color (green) printing on X-billion paper cups a day instead of 2 colors (black and green), so they’re saving serious cash on production expenses at the very least. To me, its not a serious issue, so for all Starbucks fans out there, get over it because at least they have the effort to change and evolve from time to time and the most important thing, the coffee still taste great. For another discussions about the Starbucks Coffee logo, feel free to visit

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