Well, as you can see, he is the vocalist and one of the guitarist for Trivium. Heafy is also the vocalist for the band Capharnaum, along with Trivium's former producer Jason Suecof. Matt also decided to experiment with "Post-hardcore music, and made a joke band called "Tomorrow Is Monday". They have released 1 song, called "Head on Collision with a Rosebush Catching Fire" which recorded and was edited in one hour.Heafy used Gibson guitars until Rita Haney, partner of 20 years to Dimebag Darrell, gave him and Corey Beaulieu each one of Dimebag's signature Washburn guitars in the same year, later spawning a three year long endorsment with Dean Guitars (as Dime was working on a new signature model with Dean prior to his death in December 2004).As of January 2009, Matt and Corey's contract with Dean had expired and returned to using Gibson and Jackson respectively, first seen in the music video for Throes of Perdition. Matt is now officially signing with Gibson guitars. For your information, matt Heafy is one of my favorite guitarist and among all of Trivium's album, I enjoyed listening to ascendancy the most. So, I hope that their upcoming album will sounds like ascendancy because sincerely, I prefer to have Trivium to create a metalcore album instead of musics that sounds like metallica. I want them to be JUST Trivium. Below are some of their album..


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