Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Gallas, we dont need you

Get lost you bloody bastard

I found a very interesting comment regarding Gallas , and here it is:

Former Arsenal manager George Graham admits he is surprised that his old club didn't try harder to keep William Gallas.

The defender recently made the move from the Gunners to arch rivals Tottenham on a free transfer, after failing to agree a new deal at the Emirates.

Gallas, 33, is desperate to be playing first-team football, something he may not have been guaranteed under Arsène Wenger, but Graham believes age is not going to be an issue for the French centre-back.

He said: "Arsenal in the past won trophies with a back four of 34, 35, 36 – the likes of Lee Dixon, Nigel Winterburn, Steve Bould and Tony Adams. They were winning trophies in their mid-30s, so I can only see this as a very good signing for Tottenham.

"He loves defending, he is very aggressive and I think he is just what Tottenham need, because they have got problems at the back with the injury situation to both Ledley King and Jonathan Woodgate.

"They are getting someone for nothing who arguably could be playing every week in the team. I am surprised Arsenal let him go so easily."

The former Gunners boss, who also managed Spurs, believes Harry Redknapp could be the right manager for Gallas in the latter stages of his career.

He added: "Harry has got a gift of getting players who other clubs think are finished and getting another two seasons out of them.

"If he has a good season and Tottenham again finish in the top four or have a great Cup run or a Champions League run he'll be welcome."

And I found a reply for the comment which really made sense and I agreed 100% with it. :

the thing graham is missing here is that ,adams keown, dixon and winterburn,not to mention o'leary and bould, is this.... they loved arsenal as well as playing football for us.
gallas is a good defender but up sets players at every club he plays for.
i not saying this don't happen at every club ,but when you see ur captain sulking and not bothering when things go wrong ,then blaming others around him its not good.
adams would roll up his sleeves and shout at and fight players on his side to get arsenal back on caurse,(ask dixon)but he had the players backing, including dixon, adams would walk through walls for arsenal and theplayers respected that.
thats what gallas doen't have, gallas plays for gallas and only gallas.
yes he could of stayed at arsenal, but he wanted to much money, even the great bergkemp took a wage cut because again he believed and loved arsenal.
gallas went looking all round europe and no one wanted his disruptive behavier,or want to pay his wage demands.
spurs do have a good player yes, but will he be the one they looking to when things go wrong,will he be rolling up his sleeves and encouraging the players around him to fight? i doubt it,I DO WISH GALLAS LUCK, i'm not a spud? so i won't be calling him judas when he plays against us, but clap him thank him for his years at arsenal, but he won't be missed !! 

So, there go. I agreed on the reply because in reality, Gallas got a very bad discipline issue and it is not a loss to kick him out of the club. Get lost Gallas, Arsenal don't need you.

Monday, August 30, 2010

Ayam Pansuh

uuuuu yummyyyy

Ayam pansuh is a typical dish among Sarawakian. It is prepared by cooking chicken in a bamboo and stuffed with water( which later will be the soup for the dish) seasonings and covered with tapioca leaves( later could be eaten with the chicken). This dish is very famous for the Bidayuhs and Ibans. It is a 'must' to enjoy this dish if you visits Sarawak

 Below are several cook books that could be interesting for those of you that loves to cook!!
The Power of Ancient Foods
Perfect Vegetables: Part of "The Best Recipe" Series RECIPES)
Twenty-Four Little French Dinners (OLD FRENCH RECIPES)

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Siburan's Pork soup

Pork soup is a soup made by boiling and then simmering pork inner parts and/or bones in water, with various vegetables and flavorings. pork soup has also acquired the reputation of a folk remedy as their favorite dish during drinking session.

In Kuching, Sarawak, there's a place that could serve you with the most delicious pork soup. I sometimes went there whenever I got the chance. The place is located in Siburan . The stall also provides other kind of dish for example chicken rice and mix rice. But for this time I want to stress about their specialty which is the pork soup. Most of the customer are satisfied because the taste is good and the price is reasonable. For tourist out there, go and search for the stall in Siburan. Its your quest =) Enjoy!!
We can't hardly wait to eat the delicious pork soup!!

Hello guys! Lets talk about food again.This time, I'll bring you along to a cafe named Dragon cafe located in Kuching Sarawak. Its not far from the Batu Kawa's old town.Actually, it was in the late evening when suddenly my mom told us that she was too lazy to cook, and therefore she recommended that we go out and eat. So, off we go to search for a place to dine. That's the time when my dad suggested the so called 'Dragon cafe', and I am deeply interested with name so we all agreed with our destination. When we arrived there, we found out that it was packed with people that just came back from work. Okay, we arrived, and as usual, we called the waiter for the menu. After viewing the menu, we ordered seaweed soup, crispy chicken, Ginger wild boar and  white rice.
  The service was slow, maybe due to a lot of customer. To be honest, I dislike slow service and it really pisses me of. after FIFTEEN MINUTES, our food arrive.

Hmmm, I can only said that the taste is okay ,just average and not impressive enough. However, I love the gravy texture.

 Owh, btw, not to mention that their soup could cause you to get high blood due to overdose of salt!! hahaha.Well, their cook need more experience about that.hehehehe

I 'tapao' the soup and the next day I just warm it up and add more water to balance the taste. I'm a genius.lol

Ahhh, and we also got the crispy chicken. Among all the dishes , I will vote the crispy chicken as a finalist =p It is because it was prepared better than the others.As soon you bite the chicken chunk, you can hear the sound of its crispiness fills the air. I love it!!

My favorite
Well guys, if you're planning on eating somewhere new and you like to experience new things, I think its fair enough if you give Dragon Cafe a chance. Its located near Moyan. Just drive pass the Batu Kawa old township and you could see it on your left side of the road.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

A Bite with Roystance

 I will bring you guys to join us at a  place called The Banquet in Kuching Sarawak. Okay, I will start by telling you guys a brief introduction about the banquet. The banquet is a dining place that could serve you either Chinese cuisine and western cuisine. So, we set off to the place around 7 p.m. When we arrived there, the place was fulled with customer but fortunately we are able to get our self a table. Below is a picture of our surrounding and architecture of the place.

So, to be honest, we are damn hungry so we hurriedly called for a waitress to order our food. The waitress gave us the menu and we ordered several food and drinks  for example, lamb cutlet, rosemary chicken, fish and chips, spaghetti, chicken salad, and cocktails that are called flying dayak and the blue lagoon. Actually, there are many more dishes that we ordered but i forgot the rest.hahahaha. Ok,  our first dish reached our table and I believed that it is called Lamb cutlet .
Yeap!! you could see that the lamb was perfectly grilled and the lamb was marinated with a bit of lemon to create a mixed taste  between sweet and sour.BTW, that's my cousin =)
I cant hide my temptation to try the lamb but for your information I cant eat lamb because I'm allergic to it. Thank god, my food arrived not long after the first menu arrived, indeed God knew I'm drooling and hungry at the moment.lol.
This is the look of my Rosemary Chicken!!hahaha. That is not the original look of my food. I disturbed it because I am too hungry to wait any longer.
The Rosemary Chicken was fantastic. The dish contained mash potato, and boiled vegetable that were added with some salt.
I cut the chicken to inspect any failure but , everything seems to be perfect.lol
The next dish arrived which is the chicken salad. We finished it up in just seconds. Maybe that's what will happen if you're to hungry =p

During our rampage on our food, the other menu also arrived such as the spaghetti. The spaghetti could be rated for errrmmm, maybe 7 out of 10 stars.

yummy!! The prawns, the vegetables and the cuttlefish created a beautiful view of the spaghetti and the taste melted in your mouth as soon as it enters your mouth.
At last, we ended our dinner by finishing our drinks and seriously, the taste sucks!! kah3!! maybe because I prefer to drink neat liquor. Ahh hell, at least you have tried something in your life . So guys, go to the banquet if you have the chance to visit Kuching.

This  drink is called 'The flying Dayak'

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Its On You

Marketers!!How do you grow your brand or your company's market share & sales volume?
Get existing customers to increase their purchase frequency.
Get more customers or buyers.
I choose both as a way to grow your brand or your company's market share & sales volume. To me, we can’t eliminate either one of the option because each of them got their own effect. That’s my own opinion only; you guys are free to give your opinion.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Defence, defence,defence

Legia played a game with good commitment. They started better than Arsenal and played well going forward.To me, the issue that we need to handle about our beloved club is our defensive. It looked shaky and there's still lot to be done. I just hope Arsenal don't defend like that in the Premier League

Fabregas announced on Friday that he was staying with Arsenal and the dissapointed Barcelona's boss Pep Guardiola could only said "I just hope Cesc carries on enjoying what is such a special and competitive league." Well, thats what he said, however as a Gooners, I would like to say this,"In your face Barca"!!!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

5 for Arsenal?

Based on the Gunners blog,Among all 5 of these opinions, which one do you guys think is true..

1) Jack Wilshere is ready for the first team.
His performance against Celtic was excellent, and only a fingertip save prevented him from crowning it with a stunning volley goal. With Cesc Fabregas, Abou Diaby, Denilson and Alex Song all yet to play a minute of pre-season, the odds have to be in favour of Wilshere playing some role at Anfield on the 15th August.

2) Emmanuel Frimpong gives us much needed cover for Alex Song.
Arsene says that Frimpong and Wilshere’s performances in pre-season have convinced him he does not need to strengthen in midfield, and it’s hard to disagree.The one area in which we looked light was defensively, with Denilson failing to convince as a true holding player.Frimpong, however, looks the part, combining a willingness to receive the ball from the centre-backs with tenacious tackling and tremendous upper-body power. I only hope he chooses to represent England rather than his native Ghana - otherwise African Cup of Nations’ could be a killer for us…

3) Manuel Almunia is still our best goalkeeper.
If all my feverish summer nightmares are to come true and we really are going to enter the season without a new goalkeeper, I hope Arsene does the sensible thing and picks Manuel Almunia over Lukasz Fabianski. Although Almunia’s form was a wee bit erratic last season, he looks positively unflappable next to Flappyhandski. Against Celtic he pulled off a trio of outstanding saves to remind the manager that he wears the number one shirt for a reason.

4) We still urgently need a centre-half.
Vermaelen, Djourou and Koscielny all did OK, but one injury and we’re down to the bare bones. Havard Nordtveit didn’t get a single minute of playing time, so Arsene must view him as being a good way down the pecking order. The manager refused to comment on his reported interest in Per Mertesackerafter the game - on paper, the big German looks like an ideal recruit.

5) Samir Nasri is our most in-form player.
If I had to place a bet on one Arsenal player to make a big impact in the first few weeks of the season, my money would fall squarely on Nasri. Having been left out of the ill-fated French World Cup squad, he’s at once mightily relieved and hungry to prove the departed Domenech wrong. His pre-season form has been outstanding, playing predominantly in a central role.With Cesc still a good few weeks away from full fitness, I expect him to hold on to his favoured position for a little while yet.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Les Blues Dilemma

Rebuilding Les Bleus? That’s a good idea to change the previous squad that failed miserably during the South Africa world cup 2010. During the world cup, there are many controversy that occurred and one of it is the players didn’t turn-up to their post match practice because they had issue towards their coach, Raymond Domenech.
Now they got a new coach, Laurent Blanc to take over the reign from Raymond. For the country, it is a crucial time because they are humiliated by their football squad so Blanc got a very big responsibility to handle. What we could do is wait for the result but I would like to share my own idea about the French team. Now, maybe they got Blanc to handle the management issue but to me, they still need someone to be an outstanding figure in the field during the tournament, someone like Zidane, a legend, calm but dangerous to the opponent, and could drive the squad spirits.
Through my own view, the French team could play but they are too easy to provoke in terms of emotion and fighting spirits. That’s where a figure like Zidane could be use to calm things down. For example, during the world cup 2002, he led the French squad to the final by using his uniqueness. All of the important matches are won by them and he played a big role in it. The others player followed his attitude of playing and they strive to success, even defeating Brazil 1-0.
Therefore, the role of this person in the middle of the field is very important and I surely hope in the future Blanc will found the right person for the job. I know that there’s no one that could replace the legendary Zidane but we need someone that could neutralize any problem during the play by using his ability to lead the strike and defend.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

We Love Kuching

I long as does every human being, to be at home wherever I find myself. One may have a blazing hearth in one soul's and yet no one ever come to stay by. passersby see only a wisp of smoke from faraway and continue the way. But yet, there is a magic in that little world, it is a mystic circle that surrounds comforts and virtues never known beyond its hallowed limits. Nor we need power or splendor, large arch, statue or icy glacier; the good, the true, the tender, these form the wealth of our soil. We love Kuching...

Life… It seems meaningless if you didn’t explore the true meaning of the word. Life fills with laughter, pain, sadness, and terror. You live in this world to experience all that kind of feelings and situation; Somehow, I can’t deny that human tends to forget about their faith and originality. I don’t have to use other individual as an example. I will use myself as example for certain situation. We live in His creation but yet, we fail to do our part for him. He didn’t want any of our money. He just wants us to believe in Him and strengthen our faith by working together as one family with those who share the same belief with us. In the name of the Lord, we are brothers and sisters. We are born to help each other to make earth a better place to live in. If we adept His teaching in our life, there will be no war, killing, robbery, rape and other social crimes.