Monday, August 15, 2011

Where's my milo?

Its Monday and I went to a restaurant with my cousin. I ordered Milo peng from a makcik but she gave me  nescafe peng instead. Due to my kindness (tak nak menyusahkan mak cik tu) , I drank the nescafe during my meal and ended up feeling unwell for several hours. This is because I can't drink coffee or nescafe. Yeap, I only consume coco, milk, and tea. I have no idea how  people can enjoy their caffeine based drink easily without any side effects. Want coffee? No thanks, I'll pass.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Mr. Colonel's breakfast

I went to KFC  and had my breakfast there. I ordered their porridge and surprisingly the taste was excellent and if I compare it with MCD's porridge, I think Mr. Colonel win the porridge battle. Thumbs up colonel. A simple but yet a satisfying good porridge.

We are spoil and becoming more ignorance because of modern technologies and that includes vehicles. Why did I said this? Because I experienced it myself where last week I finally stroll in the center of pasar Kuching after quite sometimes and I noticed there are improvement with my beloved kuching for example, the public buses now are fully air conditioned and better organized. Besides that, ada taxi stand kat sebelah saujana .For those spoil rich bastard out there, if you wanna experience the taste of true life go outside and WALK.

hello folks. a cowboy is a guy with leather boots, tight jeans, a magnum and seldom wash them self. Besides that, a horse is a must for them.  I will make it short, Daniel Craig first enter the screen as a hot anonymous  with no memories of his origin and identity but can beat 3 person easily with bare hands. He beat the 3 extras, and go to a nearby town, meeting new characters including Harrison Fort. Suddenly aliens attack the town and kidnap some of the town people and Daniel Craig learns how to use his weapon a.k.a arm bracelet. He also meet with Olivia Wilde here, and for your information, I don't think Olivia's character is important ( she is a good alien that wants to take revenge on another cruel species of alien/ the kidnapper) Olivia Wilde by far is the most useless alien that I ever encounter because she only has the ability to revive from the dead in nudity. So, they move on to hunt the bad injured alien and get some help from the red Indians. They found the aliens lair after that they attack it. It seems that the bad alien come to earth to steal our gold and they kidnap human just to do some research ( which to me seems useless and just wasting their aircraft fuel in order to kidnap human) In the end, Olivia Wilde blew herself together with the bad aliens in their rocket and the cowboy live happily ever after. Cowboys, I give you 6.4 /10. takyah tgk pun takpe.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Brick and stick

Hey guys, we are familiar with dramas/ movies from Japan and South Korea. Every year there are new released entertainment from these countries and in fact, Malaysian love to watch it. However, I do have a question in mind when I compare the two subject. You see, I realized that the guys in the Japanese drama will often consists of cute, pretty face, handsome,cool unmovable hair but with SKINNY body. However, for South Korean actors, most of them are well built. Here is the question, what happen to Japan entertainment because previously, during the GTO and UMIZARU year, I still recall that the actors back then are not as skinny as now. What happen to guys like Takashi Saromachi? Maybe chicks in Japan prefer having stick as their idol and they have killed all of the macho, lean ,buff actors and replace it with beautiful pretty face and skinny body actors. 
matsumoto jun, japanese actor, yeap obviously not enough sushi
Tegoshi yuya, pretty face japanese actor, can we call her cristina? 

another japanese actor, shirota yuu, need some vitamins i guess
Dennis oh, acted in witch yoo hee. yeap, enough kimbab
Chu hun gon, obviously healthier than the 3  japanese actors

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Kilo's and heroes

Yeap, I'm a thin young boy living in this world , and looking at others as giant due to my lack of height, and then I found my interest in weight training. Unlike others that inspired by famous bodybuilder such as Ronnie Coleman and Jay cutler, I am inspired by fictions character. Therefore, if you ask me about any pro body builder, I can only answer ' I don't know bro'. In fact, I only knew the two name mentioned earlier from my randomly eavesdropping process inside the gym (thanks Jeff,lol! ) Okay, one thing for sure, after motivated by my favorite fiction characters, I started to endure some wight training with my cousins and friends. During my campus life, I release my stress by doing that and eventually, it works ,besides that, we all knew about body building positive outcome. Its worth it. The people below gave me inspiration, and tq guys

yes, THOR , god of thunder
Mr Bruce Wayne

Even if we're apart... I’ll always be with you.

This is not prejudgement you douches. The ability deals with an understanding of people around us; For example, you study all the hard facts about what a specific manner could mean, what a certain tone of voice might suggest, or how the context of  environment may influence their behavior. However, knowledge of the basic principles is only half of the need to practice it. When you’re starts to read someone, begin by studying their behavior. If a person is  comfortable, it’s a safe guess that they are in a baseline state. Combine the first impression with specific tells, behavior, vocal attributes, and their environment, you are well on your way to reading them correctly. Hereby I conclude that, several things to look into in this process are appearance, vocal, body language, pattern of behavior which you can see as consistent, and also their environment.