Sunday, August 7, 2011

Brick and stick

Hey guys, we are familiar with dramas/ movies from Japan and South Korea. Every year there are new released entertainment from these countries and in fact, Malaysian love to watch it. However, I do have a question in mind when I compare the two subject. You see, I realized that the guys in the Japanese drama will often consists of cute, pretty face, handsome,cool unmovable hair but with SKINNY body. However, for South Korean actors, most of them are well built. Here is the question, what happen to Japan entertainment because previously, during the GTO and UMIZARU year, I still recall that the actors back then are not as skinny as now. What happen to guys like Takashi Saromachi? Maybe chicks in Japan prefer having stick as their idol and they have killed all of the macho, lean ,buff actors and replace it with beautiful pretty face and skinny body actors. 
matsumoto jun, japanese actor, yeap obviously not enough sushi
Tegoshi yuya, pretty face japanese actor, can we call her cristina? 

another japanese actor, shirota yuu, need some vitamins i guess
Dennis oh, acted in witch yoo hee. yeap, enough kimbab
Chu hun gon, obviously healthier than the 3  japanese actors


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