Wednesday, August 3, 2011

You broke my heart Madam Tang

Hello Kuchingite! I think most of us knew the famous madam tang restaurant and its delicacies. Some even said that their specialty is the laksa sarawak dish. So, last week I went to one of their outlets in carpenter Street together with my cousins. I ordered laksa Sarawak and when the laksa arrived at our table, even my cousins can see that the laksa is poorly made it is TOOOOOOOO DAMNNN OILY. madam tang, lucky for you because I ate it without any complain.. Its easy to see that, popularity can leads someone to neglect their quality and focus on their quantity. Shame on you madam Tang and btw, please ask your staff to learn some courtesy because the one that took our order came with a long freakin face.dude, come on, we came with smile on our faces and yet treated with that kind of attitude.sigh~adik adik, ingat ya,budi bahasa amalan kita.


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