Monday, August 1, 2011

How I rate captain America

Yes. He is a government servant. Salary paid by the government of America and a friend of Thor. Originally a thin young man that transform into a big guy with superhuman strength by using a huge steroid machine( I would love to try it) . Okay, lets cut the crap, captain America can be considered as entertaining and fun to watch, but It doesn't STIMULATE me well enough therefore, I cant give much to the captain. BTW, there's a scene where they landed on top of a speeding train and they easily walk on top of the train without even bothering to balance themselves. And their hair remains the same even though blew by the raging storm. Maybe they are using super strong UHU gel. However, its a great story to be enjoy with your family and still worth to watch. Hei government servant, I give you 6.9/10


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