Thursday, August 5, 2010

5 for Arsenal?

Based on the Gunners blog,Among all 5 of these opinions, which one do you guys think is true..

1) Jack Wilshere is ready for the first team.
His performance against Celtic was excellent, and only a fingertip save prevented him from crowning it with a stunning volley goal. With Cesc Fabregas, Abou Diaby, Denilson and Alex Song all yet to play a minute of pre-season, the odds have to be in favour of Wilshere playing some role at Anfield on the 15th August.

2) Emmanuel Frimpong gives us much needed cover for Alex Song.
Arsene says that Frimpong and Wilshere’s performances in pre-season have convinced him he does not need to strengthen in midfield, and it’s hard to disagree.The one area in which we looked light was defensively, with Denilson failing to convince as a true holding player.Frimpong, however, looks the part, combining a willingness to receive the ball from the centre-backs with tenacious tackling and tremendous upper-body power. I only hope he chooses to represent England rather than his native Ghana - otherwise African Cup of Nations’ could be a killer for us…

3) Manuel Almunia is still our best goalkeeper.
If all my feverish summer nightmares are to come true and we really are going to enter the season without a new goalkeeper, I hope Arsene does the sensible thing and picks Manuel Almunia over Lukasz Fabianski. Although Almunia’s form was a wee bit erratic last season, he looks positively unflappable next to Flappyhandski. Against Celtic he pulled off a trio of outstanding saves to remind the manager that he wears the number one shirt for a reason.

4) We still urgently need a centre-half.
Vermaelen, Djourou and Koscielny all did OK, but one injury and we’re down to the bare bones. Havard Nordtveit didn’t get a single minute of playing time, so Arsene must view him as being a good way down the pecking order. The manager refused to comment on his reported interest in Per Mertesackerafter the game - on paper, the big German looks like an ideal recruit.

5) Samir Nasri is our most in-form player.
If I had to place a bet on one Arsenal player to make a big impact in the first few weeks of the season, my money would fall squarely on Nasri. Having been left out of the ill-fated French World Cup squad, he’s at once mightily relieved and hungry to prove the departed Domenech wrong. His pre-season form has been outstanding, playing predominantly in a central role.With Cesc still a good few weeks away from full fitness, I expect him to hold on to his favoured position for a little while yet.


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