Years go by and the advancement of the local cinema also change from time to time. From a normal screen, they are now using 3D technology to enhance the movie capability and indirectly increase the customer satisfaction. However, after reading the wall street journal about the in-theater dining, I think this is one great idea to be implement in our local cinema especially Kuching. Its obvious because people in Kuching love eating and plus it will be a new experience that all Kuchingite wants to try. Audiences at theaters can order dishes such as salad, sandwiches, or cheeseburgers. In terms of the space issue, maybe we could use the 'in-theater dining' as an example. Seats in these so-called "in-theater dining" cinemas are big and plush. Lobbies are luxurious, with art on the walls and mood lighting. These ideas could be convert into the cinema interior too. The movie-going business has always been one size fits all, but if you give people amenities, they are more than willing to pay for them. So Kuching, When can we have it?? =)


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