Saturday, September 3, 2011

Arsenal's TRUE ENEMY

Mr. Arsene, you seldom use the 'buy' word and after the record breaking match against Manchester United, you buy 5 new players before the transfer window closes. Its like you're buying durians from a stall in Hui Sing. However, I've expected this would happen somehow Mr. Arsene. Let me share my point of view (after you keep on selling all of our mature players since 6 years ago). A good squad consist of  good  combination between young and experienced player. 

The young blood can learn how to read the match flow from the senior player and the senior player could share their knowledge to the new player hence leading to a good learning and building process. If you keep on selling all of the matured player, who will look after the youngsters on the field? Robin Van Persie is not enough to look after the young gun because he is to soft in nature. We need someone that stands firm on his feet and is fierce enough to drive the whole squad in the time of losing and winning , for example Patrick Vieira. 

He is one of our legendary player and a great captain as well. Another madness that you enjoy doing is that YOU love to buy unknown player and we knew that some of those underdogs grew and become a star player but out of 100% , I think only 30% will give Arsenal benefits in term of achievement, and the rest, enough said, you are only wasting our fund sir. In my opinion, Arsenal will always be a great club but there are two things that slowly destroying my beloved club. ECONOMIST and FINANCE.


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