Friday, April 23, 2010

'Yes I do'

"Do you take this man or this woman to be your husband or your wife till death do you part? That is the question you are asked during your marriage vows. But in the back of your mind were you thinking, sure I take this person. But if it doesn't work I'll file for a divorce and get on with my life? If that thought was in the back of your mind, you are not alone. It must be in the back of some couple's minds because 50 to 60% of today's newlyweds will divorce. Why? The number one reason is money. They say money makes the world go around. But they also say it is the root of all evil.
The other top reasons for divorce:

1. Infidelity.
2. Poor communication
3. Change in priorities. This can be caused by having kids or due to ' big things'.
4. Lack of commitment to the marriage.
5. Sexual problems.

HOWEVER, one thing for sure, remember this, it’s not the marriage that caused troubles. The main root for this problem is you. As you can see, human tend to create complicated situation for example having an affair behind their wives or husband. So guys don’t be stupid and blinded by lust.


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