Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Crap Of the Titans

Have you watch Clash of the Titans? Well, let me summarize the movie for you, it’s about a demigod trying to avenge his foster parent’s death caused by Hades. After caught in an unwanted situation, off he went to a short journey from a place name Argos until he reached the underworld. Why did he go there? The answer is to cut medusa’s head in order to defeat Kraken, the so-called Hades son. Okay, he got the head and defeated Kraken, and he decided to live a normal fisherman life. Zeus in the other hand rewarded him a lifetime partner as a token for destroying Hades destruction plan. The story line is way to plain, simple and STUPID. I said stupid because it seems that the director is trying to squeeze everything in a period of time, which resulting the movie to become awkward in a way that annoys viewer like me because, in the period of 5 minutes, there are way too many new character appeared until you will think that it is unnecessary for the character to be introduce. Fortunately, the director also thought the same thing and ended him up killing every unimportant character. Hey, if you want to kill a character way too easily and ridiculously, then why introduce them?? At least give them a cool way of dying!! (Sigh) Well, look it from a positive perspective, at least the clash of the titans adds the amount of new movies in the year 2010. So, if you guys haven’t watched it yet, it’s not wrong to watch the movie. Go ahead and enjoy yourself. But still, to me, the movie is a total disaster. Why disaster? Try to ask Zeus that wears King Arthur’s knight shining armor.


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