Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Ways to market your product/ business

We meet again and now I would like to share ways on how to promote your business to the consumer. After spent 2 years and a half in the marketing course, I decided that there are several ways to market your product or services to the consumer and in the same time maybe you can gain their reaction and feedback. It is important to realize that marketing is multi-faceted function that is just about more than getting your name out there. You must be able to put together a marketing strategy that not only get your recognized, but respected by your target market. You want to position yourself as the leading expert in the field. You must be able to inspire trust and credibility. It is only after doing this that your target market will turn to you, for the answer to their need or want. Here are some ways to market your business. Remember, there are more than the listed ways but I will only enlist those I interested with.

Trade shows and conferences-Another effective way to get your business noticed is by attending industry specific trade shows and conference. It is here that you make key contacts that help you grow your business. The networking possibilities here are nearly endless. These types of gatherings give you the opportunity to interact with others in your industry, find out what they are doing, and see what they have to offer your business. You can not only get some valuable insight, you can begin to establish your business among your competition.

Social media and blogging-This just might be the new frontier of business marketing. Businesses are beginning to realize that they must go where their customers are, and for many businesses that means going online to social media sites. These social media sites are attracting customers, from many different demographics. It is important, however, to take your time before placing your business on these social networking sites. You must make sure that your target market frequents whatever site you choose, or it can simply be a waste of time and effort. You can begin by going to the forum and discussion boards, and checking out what the site visitors are saying. This will give you an idea if your target customer is on that particular site. An offshoot of the social media sites is blogging. Many companies are finding that if they develop a quality blog, that many of their followers, become customers. Best of all you can link everything together online. Your social media site visitors can be directed to your blog, where they can also be directed to your company website. The possibilities are nearly endless! Best of all using social media and blogging for marketing, cost little except for the time and effort needed in order to maintain it. It is important to stress, however that any online marketing effort, needs to be one that provides value and quality to the consumer, or they will quickly tire of your sites, tweets, blogs, etc and move on.

Special events and charity work-You can partner up with a charity that your customers might be interested in. Whether it is letting your employees volunteer to help build homes, or offering a discount for every can of food brought in, you can let your customers know about your business and where your priorities really are. Keep in mind however, that you efforts should be genuine and honest, or your customers will quickly catch on and move on from your business.

Newsletters-This can be an effective way to let your customers know what is happening in your business. If a printed newsletter is too much money, consider an online newsletter that will inform your customers about new products and services, promotions and even invite them to special events. Remember that marketing is about establishing a relationship and newsletters can be a valuable tool in doing just that. Sending out a newsletter can also be a way to bond with your customers, or even launch a marketing campaign online.


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