Friday, October 22, 2010

Types of Drunks

So, after 22 years living in this world, I have seen various types of people having fun and enjoy their life by consuming alcohol beverages.  So, the next time you join a party, you can investigate your own and see if these types of drunks are around you. Well, after one, two, or tenth shots, everyone changes and transforms. But, what do they change into?

The douchebag: Every time this type of person involve with a drinking session, they will surpassed the levels of jerk and asshole, however not yet reached fucker or motherfucker. You can consider them as uncivilized because they will look for trouble after several shots. Just name any uncivilized activity; you will see them doing it. Well, if it’s become worse, they will soon become motherfucker. Whoop them!!

The ‘cool dude’: These guys are better than the douche. They tend to act the most like your mother, sister, father and granny. If there is spilled beer, the cool dude is quick to be there with a rag .The cool drunk has typically been a category linked with women, but a surprising number of men fall into this category. And one more, they will sometimes act like a professor thinking of a new formula, sitting quietly and watching people around him.

The joker: These people tend to make joke about their surrounding and the sarcastic joke will somehow be an entertainment for the others. Usually, if they are in their normal stat, they tend to act serious. However, people prefer to have the joker instead of the douchebag in any party because they are entertaining and fun to be with.

p/s: This list will change from time to time .lol


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