Thursday, October 28, 2010

Typical Business Waste

Having waste in a company is never a good thing. When you have waste it will only decrease the value of your products and it will cause your customers to pay more money for the products. When you have to hike up your prices in order to pay for wasteful design, you will start to lose customers. Since the revolution era, manufacturing companies are constantly worried about waste and looking for different waste to reduce or eliminate waste. Firstly, try to understand it and ‘befriend’ with the source of waste because by understanding the wastes, it will help you to easily figure out a better way to strengthen your company and to ensure that you aren't going to be stuck with excess inventory and other problems. A proper identification of the wastes will come down to learning the 7 wastes:

1. Transportation issues
2. Inventory control
3. Unnecessary movement
4. Faults in time
5. Overproduction or underproduction
6. Excess processing
7. Production defects

Some companies are adopting simple waste reduction habits such as reducing paper consumption through the use of e-mail and duplex printing. Other businesses are reviewing their entire operation to identify and implement as many opportunities for reducing waste as possible. Whether simple alterations or large-scale initiatives, companies are finding that waste reduction offers impressive rewards.


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