Tuesday, April 1, 2014

A Gunners note

Arsenal. Once called the invincible because of their 49 unbeaten match.  Now its 2014,what are they? You be the judge. I'm a fellow Gooners,  laying down my humble opinion. What Arsenal need crucially right now is a good finishing. After Thierry Henry, there are no good striker since the departure of Van Persie. If I can, I want to ask Arsene directly, what kind of criteria he wants from the likes of Giroud? Can he spot that there are very big differences between Giroud and Thierry Henry? The only advantage of Giroud that I knew is that he is big, tall, can hold on to ball but thats it. Meanwhile its proven that a powerful striker doesn't need big men , look at Suarez , Benzema. There are shorter than Giroud or Bendtner but they are fast, sharp  and skillful. Arsene, wake up. You now have the finance power but you still hesitate to buy superstar established players. There's something about you that really make things different in Arsenal.  Rise up Arsenal, rise up.


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