Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Off You Go Politics!

Middle( Mayor James Wong)

Well, well, well. I came across an interesting article yesterday inside the Borneo post which is about the Kuching City South Mayor James Chan (MBKS) telling the press he will not involve in any political party in the coming state election. It is interesting for me because nowadays, it is quite rare to find a big rank person to NOT involve with any political ideology. To be honest, I want to give  two thumbs up to Mayor Chan because he  created a unique level which proven that  not all people need to be involve in politic to stabilize them self either in term of career or financially. As long as you love your job, and give your 100 % into it, you will definitely can reach the best opportunity and maximum feeling of perfection. And besides that, Until now, MBKS deliver the best service to the people and if you want proof, go to any MBKS area and see for your self.


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