Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Arsenal, a New Beginning

It’s not long before the premier league will kick off again and the fans will start to debate about the strongest team and who will win the trophy. Arsenal is one of the ferocious team in the name list and consist of unbelievable players for example Vermaelen and Fabregas.

For Arsenal, the team faced a lot of change in terms of new faces among its player, for example, Gallas is no longer with them and that’s great!! Because to me, Wenger rely too much on Gallas and that made Gallas arrogant because he knew Wenger need him to strengthen the centre back and therefore his discipline issue arise.

In my opinion, Gallas is one of the burdens that Arsenal kept for a long time. I can’t deny that his experience is very important to teach the young one, however it is time for Arsenal to move on without him. I hope the new squad could cope with the other giants for example Manchester city, Manchester United, and Chelsea.


BoY said...

haha............gallas jual sama kelantan fc la...

Roystance said...

mana blh.sama trengganu fc

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