Tuesday, March 16, 2010

We call them angels

A big, tall, sharp eye and deadly black wings feature entity. Hmmmm, that’s not what I expected from the movie, entitled Legion. Angel kills and possesses human being? For those with little faith in heart will surely go wondering around to search for new belief and hope. My own version of angels is more sacred than what you guys saw in Legion. The most important thing is that their wings are white in color and they have the clean looking face and clothes, not a warrior wearing gear.
To me, the existence of angel in our world really calms others where they need inner strength to deal with hardship. Some even claimed that angel came to them in disguised and latter will help them in what you say as an undirected life savior. For example, a woman in U.S said that she was saved by angel long ago during the time she forgot to close her gas cylinder in the kitchen. Then suddenly a stranger knocked on the door and asked if she forgot something in the kitchen thus reminded the woman about her gas cylinder. She hurriedly go and close the cylinder and rushed to the door to thank the stranger but he was nowhere in sight. She claimed that the person is clad in normal clothing but got a face which could warm others heart.
Well, that’s what I knew about angels..However, guys, if you have the time, go and watch legion at the nearest cinema. It is still cool to be watch during a dull moment. Enjoy watching..


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