Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Remembering high School

High school… I guess everyone experienced it before. I mean going through high school and learning new things like Math’s, Science, Biology including unofficial things such as meeting new friends and discovering the meaning of living this life to its fullest. This shit goes the same to me. I still remember when the first time I went to high school, I felt scared of what will happen because everything is so new and looked so big for a small kiddo like me.
Besides that, I also did many things that can be count as dumb action but to me it was fun and if I didn’t do it, maybe I will regret it. You know why? By doing it, I experience new things in the chapter of my life. One of the things which I did not regret of doing is to disturbed younger junior. Eventually, it was a really great experience because it is my first step in learning on how to make contact with the opposite species. Guys, as year’s passes by, you will realize that every stupid action actually will teach you something new and can be consider as important as your passport for the future. The mistake that you have done will be a reminder of your past failure and it’s time to be wiser when choosing a path.


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