Friday, October 9, 2009

Coke and Pepsi

In my point of view, for Coke and Pepsi, it is a good move to participate in a condom distribution program in India, Brazil, and the United States. I dare to say this because by helping to promote the use of condom for sexual intercourse could help to prevent AIDS to spread widely and this method will of course get an attention from the world authority and organization. Indirectly, it could raise the social rank of both of the company from its competitors and of course the news will spread around the globe.

That is only the beginning. After that, when everyone has recognized the goodwill of coke and Pepsi, surely people will start to focus on their product which we all knew and that is, soft drinks. People will buy their product and this will increase the income and revenue of Coke and Pepsi. Besides that, the governments of the three countries will most probably recognized coke and Pepsi for their effort and maybe they will be given something in return such as an award for them in the country. When this happened, this is a proof that they have established their brand product, therefore it will increase the popularity and they could reduce their spending cost on publicity. Besides that, all business organization must not forget about their responsibility to the society. They also need to give back, and only take or receive from the society.

However, any actions to market condoms and associated changes in social behavior will require the most careful research in each country and in each market segment within the countries. So, before coke and Pepsi go on with the plan, they must conduct a detail research together with the governments, health institutions, and for-profit companies. This is to prevent them from doing things which is not according to the standard required by the ministry. This blatant error could only be avoided by doing enough research and it could also prevent Coke and Pepsi from having losses.

So, as a conclusion, I think it would be a good idea for coke and Pepsi to participate in a condom distribution program in India, Brazil, and the United States.


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