Thursday, December 5, 2013

The Liking Syndrome

Well said Boromir (retrieved from Google image)

Living in this modern age world, connected by various social media sites, teens flocking via the web interacting with their friends . That's the current situation of my world right now, as I look around. I myself have my own FB account,  which I honestly want to deactivate it but due to academic reason, it still remains until now. Well, at least I'm still following the current tech life, by having such account. Hei, I created my FB account in 2008.  So I can consider myself as a pioneer as well.haha.twat.

 You know what, There's one problem that I despise most every time I browse my news feed and it is the notification of douchebags asking for likes by posting spiritual stuff and so forth. I really hate to say this but what kind of stupid are you to believe by typing amen or liking will leads to God miracle? And now, the number of adults posting their kids with a message board asking for likes are also rising. What? if you want to buy her a bike, just effin buy it. DONT ASK HER TO DO SUCH CHEAP THING. What kind of parents are you? cheap cheap one kaa? Those kind of posts are created by motherfuckers that want some attention by gaining likes and comments, indirectly showing that they are very insecure with what they are, and they need you to lift them up through your liking.  

So please, if you really want to help them to not becoming a douchebag, do the right thing which is by ignoring such post. Unless you are part of the douchebags.


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