Friday, November 12, 2010

I Believe

It was the night where we prayed for our aunt demised after 100 days, and I cried because I couldn’t see her last face for the last time due to the reason that I am studying Labuan. The last time I chat with her was on the hospital bed several months before and she did tell me something that really touches my heart. She reminded me to take care of myself and besides that, if any children left the house, mother will be the most worried person about their son/ daughter safety. That was her last word to me before she passed away because of cancer.

During the prayer, I wept silently and the living room was crowded with people and it was also getting hot. Even though my uncle turned on the air condition, it was still hot. My sweat starts to trickle down my face and I begin to feel uneasy. It was that moment when something occurred. When I was thinking about methods on how to cool myself, suddenly gushes of wind came from nowhere and blew my face and body. I searched for the source of wind and even analyze the movement of the cool air from the air condition. It seems that the wind came from nowhere. I came to my conclusion that the wind came from an unknown source nevertheless, during the period, it seems that I am the only one that experiencing it. I kept the situation to myself until now, where I publish it inside my blog. From that moment, I knew she was there . We love you.


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