Friday, December 4, 2009

Life and Death

Once again, I want to share my experience with you. Last week, a very meaningful incident occurred, which is I involved in an accident. Thank God I was not seriously injured and only sustained cuts, bruises, and broke a toe nail. Everything happened in a split second and the moment I regain consciousness I found myself lying next to my father’s wrecked motorcycle. People gathered around me and some of them even ask questions like ‘How can you survive the crash??’ .Maybe they want to asked the question after looked at the impact on the motorcycle. Besides that, I indirectly got the experience of kissing a Mitsubishi Triton because in the accident, I ran into a Triton. Thinking about the cause of the accident, I’m don’t know how it happened but one thing for sure, I lose control of the motorcycle and the incident leads me to kiss a Triton face to face. During the collision, everything turned into slow motion, I could see the glasses and parts of my motorcycle flew into the air and one thing appeared in my mind, I still want to live and I don’t want it to end this way and somehow ‘He’ answered my wish at the moment and I only sustained cuts, bruises, and broke a toe nail. Truly, God is great.. Guys, remember, we could die anytime and anywhere, so don’t waste your life..


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